Candidate Twitter Scores

The Twitter score calculates how successful a user is on Twitter. The score is based on several different features accessible through Twitters API. Higher scores are indicating a higher success and visibility rate of a twitter user, while lower scores indicate the opposite. In essence the score is calculated with a formula using the follower count, friends count, account age, tweets per week, average retweets and favorites, the retweet ratio and the quote ratio from the users account. Since many of the features are having rather big numbers the features are scaled down with different roots to lower the overall scores to reasonable small numbers. Hence users who have not posted any tweet within the one-week observation period receive a score of zero, while a user who posts one ore more tweets will always get a score. The more a person tweets the higher the score gets, and these scores will get higher if the share of retweets and quotes is low and the number of followers, friends and likes (favorites) and shares (retweets) is high.

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